Local network

Due to our geographical proximity along with having operated tours to our destinations for over 40 years, we have a unique in-depth knowledge of the region and a close relationship with our service providers.

Best recommendations

We are a privately owned company with no vested interests in any hotel or other tourist enterprise. Therefore we will give you an objective and unbiased recommendation of what products are best for you and your clients


Due to our well established network and buying power, we continuosly negociate the most advantageous contracts and terms of business for you with our preferred suppliers.


Due to our pre-booked allotments at hotels in many destinations, we can offer wide availability within Scandinavia and Finland.

Quality Control

We continuously evaluate our suppliers and keep our database updated with information based on feed-back from our clients, tour leaders and our own staff.

Preferred Suppliers

Every year we carefully select the most suitable suppliers for our clients, focusing on quality, service, prices and reliability.

Insider Tips

We regularly send our team on study tours, to check out new products and get updates on existing services. This is how we can offer you the insider tips and practical advice that will help you and your clients make the most of your tours.

Our Assistance

As local experts we are here to assist you if you face any problems during your tour. We will provide you with alternative itineraries in the event of closed roads, updated travel information and time schedules, emergency phone numbers, replacement suppliers, and any other solutions with local suppliers you might need in case of a force majeure.

Contact Robinson Scandinavia today and let our home become your next destination!