Our culture – your experience

Our beautiful countries have a lot to show you! Read on and learn more about the destinations we can offer you when you book a Scandinavian group tour for your clients with Robinson Scandinavia.


A country of flat farmland, long white beaches, windmills, and charming villages with a mixture of picturesque cottages, cobbled streets and impressive castles, Denmark has plenty to offer. The famous Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is a must, as is the Kronborg Castle - home of Shakespeare's Hamlet. In Odense you can visit fairytale writer H.C. Andersen’s home and in Roskilde a visit to the Viking Museum should definitely be included, as well as the beautiful Cathedral. We recommend a pause at a sidewalk café enjoying a Danish pastry - or maybe visit the Carlsberg Breweries for a taste of the local beer.


Influenced by Russia in the east and Sweden in the west, Finland offers interesting architecture and design, the Helsinki Cathedral is a distinctive landmark in the capital and the Sibelius Monument a well-known sight of interest. Known as the land of a thousand lakes, the forested countryside is peaceful and, after a relaxing visit to the sauna, why not go for a swim? Lapland in Northern Finland is a perfect destination for winter activities and above the polar circle you might enjoy the midnight sun or northern lights, depending on the time of year. They even claim Santa Claus is living there...We can certainly confirm there are a lot of reindeer!


The spectacular scenery of the fjords, mountains and glaciers certainly is breathtaking. Add to that the midnight sun during summer, or the playful northern lights during winter, it is no wonder Norway is such an attractive destination for any traveler. Enjoy a cruise on the fjords, visit a stave church, learn about the Vikings, discover the fish market in Bergen, or why not go fishing on a King Crab safari in Finnmark. They say Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, and driving a snowmobile to herd reindeer is part the Sami people’s everyday activities. Our own favorite winter experience is a husky dog sleigh ride through the silence of the falling snow.


The capital - Stockholm - is built on water and is a pleasurable mixture of trendy design and charming old royal history. A stroll through the old town and a boat trip on the canals would be a good place to start, followed maybe by a visit to the ABBA museum and a taste of the local gravlax (marinated salmon). The coast of Sweden offers both romantic archipelagos and long white beaches, idyllic villages, and fishing huts, you can even cruise all the way across the country along the Göta Canal. The countryside varies from forests and lakes to mountains further up north, one might encounter an elk, visit a reindeer farm or experience the cold beauty of the fabulous ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi.

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